Chemistry Tuition

For IP and O-Level students (Secondary 3 & 4)


Chemistry tuition classes builds upon student's prior knowledge in lower secondary, and goes in depth at the upper secondary level, with a focus on understanding, analysis and application. Our teaching based on the Integrated Programme (IP) curriculum moves away from rote learning and equips students with knowledge of fundamental concepts and higher order thinking skills. Classes at this level also features practice and exam techniques to comprehensively prepare students for O- Level and IP examinations.

Moreover, we at TLC specially customize our curriculum to align with your child’s, to ensure relevance and maximization of your child’s learning and time despite a group setting, making every lesson an individualized session at a very affordable group rate, because we value every child’s learning. We only engage specialists to teach because we value your child’s time and learning.



  • Small classes (<20) allows personalised attention from teacher

  • TLC lessons teaches you to skillfully analyse, evaluate and apply textbook knowledge to exam questions

  • Ample in-house exam-targeted practices ranging from basic to challenging for assessment of learning

  • Concise and comprehensive lecture notes

  • Frequent class tests and timed practices for exam readiness

  • Dedicated ex-MOE tutors highly experienced in preparing students for O, A-level and IP curriculum ensures students follow each lesson closely



  • Students who have trouble understanding Chemistry topics from schooL

  • Students who want to know techniques to score in Chemistry examinations

  • Students in IP programme who want a structured and comprehensive curriculum that prepares them for the A- level examinations

  • Students in mainstream schools who want to score in O-Level examinations (learning will be personalised)

  • Students who want to be further stretched in their thinking and understanding of Chemistry



  • Sec 3 Chemistry: Sunday 4 - 6 pm

  • Sec 4 Chemistry: Sunday 4 - 6 pm

  • **If the above schedule is not suitable for you, please give us a call/WhatsApp us at 8292 4288 so we can do something for you.