Q1. Do you teach IP or non-IP syllabus?

Our programme is based on the IP syllabus that moves away from the mere focus of knowledge acquisition to developing skills of critical thinking, setting up students to confidently evaluate and solve problems. Non-IP students also benefit greatly from our programme as learning is not only customized, students get exposure to higher order thinking skills to help them get ahead of their peers.

Additionally, students of all abilities will benefit greatly due to our teaching techniques. Based on the understanding that students often have little time left for self-revision due to stressful demands of school, we designed our teaching around a technique that effectively helps them Digest the large amount of information, Accelerate their learning and Expose them to questions of varying difficulty levels. Our "D-A-E Mastery technique" ensures students of all abilities receives the most effective learning experience. We expect nothing from our students, except a positive and motivated attitude towards learning.

Q2. Will there be make-up classes?

Students are encouraged to make up for missed class at another time slot, limited to twice a term and subject to availability of space and suitability as our classes are deliberately customized to the needs of each class to value-add to each student. As we value learning, alternative arrangements will be made for students who cannot attend class (only valid reasons will be accepted). We wouldn't encourage too many missed class or class-hopping as this would affect students in terms of customized learning.  As we hold deep dedication in our teaching, we will ensure our students has the option of catching up through our video recording as well.

Q3. What happens to the fees for a missed class?

We regret that there will be no refund for classes missed.

Q4. What do we do if we would like to terminate our lessons?

You will need to notify us at least 4 lessons in advance. Failure to do so will mean you will not be able to get back your deposit. We seek your understanding the class size here is deliberately kept small to ensure quality learning, and many students are turned away to help your child have the best environment to learn and excel in. Advanced notification is appreciated to allow students on wait list a place in class.

Q5. What are your fees like?


We pride ourselves on providing quality education, and we believe our fees are extremely value for money for the quality of education and dedication that we provide. 


Q6. Will there be discount if we refer a student to TLC?

Yes, there will be a once-off referral discount for every student that is successfully registered with us for at least 1 Term.