For IP, O Level & A Level students (Secondary 3 & 4, JC 1 & 2)

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Our Math tutors have more than a decade of experience in nurturing Math Aces. We are experts in concept building and exam techniques - this is why our students never fail to improve by leaps and bounds under us in a short span of time and find it effortless to score.

We base our teaching on the Integrated Programme (IP) curriculum; our IP students excel under us. We add value to the O-level students to ensure they are on par with their IP peers when they enter JC. We equip students with knowledge of fundamental concepts, higher order thinking skills and application. We also focus on practice and exam techniques to fully prepare students for the IP, O & A level examinations. 

Something other tuition centres do not do, we make your fees worth by specially customizing our curriculum at TLC to align with your child’s, to ensure relevance and maximization of your child’s learning and time despite a group setting, making every lesson an individualized session at a very affordable group rate, because we value every child’s learning. We only engage specialists to teach because we value your child’s time and learning. We do not want you to waste your time and money on tuition that is irrelevant and not useful for your child, so we do our utmost to maximize your child’s learning. No other tuition centre aligns their curriculum for one child; only we do.


  • 100% ABs at IP/O levels; record 80% As at A levels

  • Experienced JC and MOE-trained tutors who have more than a decade of experience in their craft

  • Alignment of curriculum according to child’s needs (we are the one and only centre that does this!)

  • Small classes (<10) allows personalised attention from teacher at an affordable group rate

  • Dedicated ex-MOE tutors highly experienced in preparing students for O,A-level and IP curriculum ensures students follow each lesson closely

  • Equipping of fundamental concepts, its applications, and exam techniques

  • Ample in-house exam-targeted practices ranging from basic to challenging for assessment of learning

  • Frequent class tests and timed practices for exam readiness

  • Power notes and practices provided



  • Students who want to score and excel in Math

  • Students who want to improve Math by leaps and bounds (at least 3 grades in less than 3 months)

  • Students with trouble understanding Math topics from school

  • Students who want to learn tips on how to answer Math questions faster

  • Students who want learn answering techniques to score in Math examinations 

  • Students who want personalized attention in a group tuition setting (get all your fees’’worth!)

  • Students who want to be further stretched in their thinking and understanding of Math

  • Students who want to enjoy learning Math from now on


  • Sec 3 Math: Tuesday 6 - 8 pm

  • Sec 4 Math: Tuesday 6 - 8 pm

  • JC 1 Math: Tuesday 6 - 8 pm

  • JC2 Math: Tuesday 4 - 6 pm

  • **If the above schedule is not suitable for you, please give us a call/WhatsApp us at 8292 4288 so we can do something for you