Trial classes

Over the years, we have helped every student improve in their grades. Our track record of students attaining 'A's in O & A-Level examinations is higher than national and top schools' average. Many students have also gone into the college and universities of their dreams.

The Learners Council methods are proven with our solid track record. Close to 100% achieve “A” at O-levels, and 80% “A” at A- levels at record high.

Not comfortable signing up for a term? No worries, we offer Trial Classes at special rates as shown below. As we want all our students to feel comfortable with our expert tutors before committing for a term, we allow up to 4 trial classes until you decide to enroll with us. So come for a trial class with us today!

Trial Rates:

trial fee table.JPG

To register for trial classes, kindly

1. email us (

2. fill up the enrollment form

3. call/whatsapp us at (+65) 82924288