One-on-One Consultation

“What makes The Learners Council different from other Tuition Centres?”


A frequently asked question posed by students and parents when they enquire about TLC. The overwhelming number of Tuition Centres in Singapore have made students and parents spoilt for choice, which can be a source of headache for them when it comes to choosing the right Tuition Centre that caters to their needs. 

So what sets us apart? Students have often said its our love and genuine care for them that differentiates us from other Tuition Centres. In school, they are often met with questions and doubts they wish to clarify but have no one to consult or seek help from. Their school teachers are often busy attending to many students while school peers may not be able to provide the assistance needed. While other tuition centres charge a premium for each 1-to-1 consultation session with their students, we at The Learners Council offer free consultation whenever students need help. We do this because our passion and aim is to see our beloved students succeed and excel in their examinations; we are most willing to go all out to achieve that goal. 

Students can schedule a consultation session with our teachers before and after their tuition classes, or they can simply WhatsApp their questions to our teachers and our teachers will send a prompt reply. We go the extra mile so that students will gain that extra mark.  

This is the extra edge you don’t get at other Tuition Centres. So what are you waiting for, sign up with us today. :-)